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Parting out 1991 corvette

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I made a mistake in the subject line, this car is actually a 1990 with 91-96 body updates

No mechanical or electronic parts are for sale from it. Has new black carpet and seat covers.


I will make a detailed list with prices a bit later.

For those that have PM'ed me, I can sympathize with you why not to part out this 90. But I had no choice sorry, DMV has a total of 1200.00 owed in back fee's and something called CHP penalties which according to them are unpaid tickets and there is a lien on the car as well. That was the cause for parting this one out. DMV offered me no waived fee's and with the way California is now they wanted the money.

All it's mechanical and electronic parts are going to a good cause for upgrading my 82 corvette. I will start a thread on the 82's build when I start on it.

Thanks to the buyers and hope the parts help you out as well.
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wiper washer tank with correct bolts and wiring retainers. 15.00

Blower resistor for C-68 a/c, (I think this will only work on a 90 but not sure) 40.00

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Blower motor and screws 10.00

blower case bolts 3.00

ABS pump and ABS computer and relay never had any abs codes 300.00

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1990 CCM with proper vats code 125.00

1990 derm 175.00 I also have the impact sensors and air bag and clock spring but at additional cost.

1990 C68 a/c programmer unit 150.00

1990 bose CDM 100.00

90-91 headlight switch 45.00

Bumper shims 5.00

88-91 front Y-pipe hanger 15.00 never used

90-? drivers door handle bezel 20.00

passenger door bezel 10.00

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90-? fuse box cover 10.00

90-? glove box lid 15.00

90 targa top receivers, includes all bots and brackets from targa top as well, no stripped bolts also comes with shims. 50.00

90-? parking brake cover 15.00

90 core targa top good for core, I think it is a GM top but not sure 50.00

The top has serial number 5106622 so it is definitely a GM top.

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90 dash harness no cuts that I can see. 150.00 (does not includes relays ETC. attached to harness, those will be sold separately)

Passenger power window switch 15.00

Battery tray with correct bolts 15.00

Air bag impact sensors 50.00

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This is about all that will be available from the car. Rest of the car will be cut up this weekend.

If you need any fiberglass patch areas I can cut them off as well.
gas pedal 20.00

90 column, is a 6 speed column that was put in this automatic car. Has the tilt slop but good for rebuild. Steering wheel not included 75.00

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Air bag 50.00 ( this can only be for pickup since I believe it is hazmat to ship them or something like that)

90 clockspring (doesn't work on other years I don't think) 50.00

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The last of the parts are these.

Window regulators with excellent working motors. 40.00 each

power door lock solenoids 5.00 each

95-96 door moldings 45.00 pair

Wiper assembly with all parts except motor 30.00

water drain tubes 10.00 for all of them

pair of hood fender well seal end plugs 5.00

If you can pickup any of the windows you can have them for 25.00 for door glass and tinted hatch
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wondering if you have a smoke glass top from the car? I would like one for my wife's red 95.
wondering if you have a smoke glass top from the car? I would like one for my wife's red 95.
It is only good for sending off to have new acrylic top put on it.
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