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Paint correction: 1966 Chevelle SS 396

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Another GORGEOUS care completed by Chase!

This was a VERY interesting client. He came to me THROUGH a local hotrod builder, but had the builder bring me the car. This Chevelle was actually delivered by the shop owner after he installed a new Vintage Air system in it. The car was actually built by another shop in Tennessee, but the client just moved to Alabama. He's been burned in the past, quite badly, so Tim (shop owner here in town, that delivered me the car) are out to win him over. You'll find out if that happened at at the end of this writeup!! For the budget, we were shooting for about 85% correct. Here's how the bomb got built:

ON TO THE PICS!!! Here's how this poor baby arrived :(

Kicked off the party:

Next step:

During Polishing:

Driver's lower door before:

Driver's lower door after:

Makin' some progress on the trunk:

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I don't know if it was the car, but I was even feelin' "old school" on my music this day, lol....

Couple shots of me "throwin' down, lol:

Love the little Metabo for areas like these:

Dirty wheels:

Hittin' those bumpers with the good stuff!

After compounding/polishing, time for a quick wipe with a Singlesoft towel & IPA mix, to prep for the sealant:

I don't normally get to use this sealant, due to the cure time, but I had this car overnight so I was STOKED to "lay it down" :)

Sealant curing:

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Interior loved with my fave 1-2 punch!

Untreated vs. Treated:


Quickies of the engine bay, didn't spend much time in here, but HAD to show this, otherwise I'd have been SCOLDED!!! :)

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Final shots!

The client was "over the moon" with his excitement for the end result! Said we were the FIRST two guys to take his money, and actually DELIVER on what we promised!! He's got over 30 classics & hotrods, so we'll see where this leads!! Thanks for looking! And as always, I'm here if you have any questions! :)
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DAMN!!! Awesome work!
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