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Looking for a solution to fix this recurring code. Sometimes it happens after 40 miles after being cleared, sometimes it takes 150 - 200 miles to reoccur. I notice no drop in performance, rougher idol, etc. Car has been checked for a vacuum leak - nothing. I do have a breather cap on the oil but have had it for much longer than I've had the code issue.
Swapped the o2 sensors this weekend to see if code followed the sensor over to the other bank - no go, still left bank. Also have switched back and forth between aftermarket and stock tune. Get same code with either tune.

Any ideas?

Google definition of code is: The Fuel Trim Cylinder Balance diagnostic detects a rich or lean cylinder to cylinder air/fuel ratio imbalance. The diagnostic monitors the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) signal frequency and amplitude characteristics by calculating an accumulated voltage over a predetermined sample period. An imbalance is indicated when multiple samples of the accumulated voltage are consistently higher than the desired value.
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