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From Another C3 Forum:

"As part of my task to replace the thermostat I decided to go ahead and perform the super-easy task of draining, flushing, and adding fresh coolant to the radiator. Except that instead of the drain plug coming out, the ENTIRE elbow broke off from the radiator tank. It appears that this had happened previously and someone epoxied it back in place. Can anyone think of a method to repair this with the radiator still in place"?

The gray hole in the middle is where it was connected to the radiator

The only sure fire way to fix this is to remove the radiator and solder in a new flanged 1/4" NPT bushing or to plug the hole. JB Weld might work but you don't want it to fail while you're driving it. Much better to fix it the right way. C3 radiators don't need drain plugs because the coolant can easily be sucked or siphoned out.
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