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From Another C3 Forum:

"Guys, I really need your help. My '76 has spongy brakes even after I replaced the master cylinder, calipers, pads, rotors, and booster. I have bled the calipers starting with the rears first and then the fronts but I still have spongy brakes. Are C3 brakes just naturally spongy or am I doing something wrong"?

I suspect this gentleman isn't bleeding his calipers long enough so he still has air trapped in his lines or calipers. To gravity bleed C3 brakes you must leave the master cylinder's lid off, keep the master cylinder full during the bleeding, then open one bleeder at a time until a steady dripping is seen. Steady dripping like three drips per second.

At the first sign of dripping there can still be air trapped in the line so the bleeder must remain open until continuous dripping is seen. I have found most C3 owners just don't wait long enough. If the lines and calipers are empty it can take as much as ten minutes before any dripping is seen.
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