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old chassis

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I got the last of the old chassis to "chassis heaven" yesterday.

Here are some pictures of why I took this project on.

The car sat through the gases from the volcano in Leilani Estates a few yaers ago and any exposed metal was treated poorly. I know I could have cut the rotted parts of the frame out and replaced them, but all the suspension was in really rough shape as well. I was able to purchase a donor car for a very reasonable price and just built up that chassis to replace this one.
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Man, that chassis was dangerously bad. Good choice to replace and glad you found a good donor. But I think nearly all the frames from 1963 to 1981 are exchangeable but do have small differences.
The donor was an '82 with an automatic and mine is an'81 with a four speed manual. The only frame difference I found was the cross piece that supports the rear transmission mount and that was bolted on so I was able to swap them.
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