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Hi all,

My questions: I understand the LS engines tend to consume oil under normal operation, or so I've been told. Is this true and how much is typical? C5, LS1. Apologies if this Q is in the wrong area and if its been answered. I couldn't find a thread.

The deets: I have a 2002 C5 with just shy of 33k miles on it. I've had it 2 years and I've noticed that the oil is consumed between changes. I never worried about it because typically I went and had it changed once that message popped. It was roughly every 5k mi. Now, I understand I can take the interval out further and was planning to take it to around 7.5k mi. So I swung by my local store and grabbed a bottle of the Mobile 1 5W-30 oil. I grabbed a 5qt due to pricing. When I filled it this morning, it seemed to take quite a bit more than I expected. I have no signs of any problems; no oil puddling, no leakage signs, no oil burn smell, no exhaust smoke. I am leaning towards this is normal operation, but since I don't have experience with LS1s, is it true that they consume oil between intervals? How much do they typically consume?

Thank you in advance for your answer. Just want to make sure I'm in normal operating conditions before I start hunting for something that isn't there.
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