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NPP exhaust switch

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Anyone find a cheap way to make a mild to wild NPP exhaust switch?
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don t know about cheap, but have you seen the foot control ? works like the old dimmer switch when we were young? replaces the left footrest .. handsfree.. I ll see if I can find it is..
I have the same switch but I mounted it under the dash rather than on the pedal (I didnt get the new pedal just got the switch) I didnt want to accidently kick it while cornering at the track or some other wild oopsie and risk breaking it. So now that it is mounted under the dash I just reach down whenever I want and click it open or closed. That switch plus the muffler mod are flat out the best bang for buck mods available!
I found a plan on another forum using a $3 mini add-a-circuit.
I'm sure that is more than possible, it is a really simple thing. Just a switch and two wires.
Cheapest way I've found is my right down.No loss of power either!:bump2:
I bought the Mid America exhaust switch,two minute install and I'm happy,don't care to have another remote to keep track of .
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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