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I got into my '71 yesterday and when I applied its brakes my pedal went all the way to the floor. Now what? I didn't see any evidence of brake fluid on any of my tires so I'm guessing it's got a leaking master cylinder.

My records don't show any work on its master cylinder since I bought this '71 in 2009 so it's safe to assume its seals are bad. Repair kits sell for around $39 but this master cylinder was selling for $43 from The Parts Geeks so I bought it,

It's probably of Chinese origin but as my '71 isn't the least bit original I don't care as it's my daily driver. I barely ran into the back of a car back in 1966 because of a failed master cylinder so I don't want it to happen again.

Update 7-1-22: I pulled my master cylinder off to see what its bore size was to make sure the one I ordered had the same 1-1/8" size. I have been seeing listings for 1" and 1-1/8" and I think the 1" bores are for the manual brake cars. My master cylinder IS leaking out of its rear so that's a good enough reason to rebuild or replace it.

Update 7-2-22: I'm nursing my '71 along until my new master cylinder arrives. I can tell it's giving out when I gently apply my brakes and I can feel the pedal sinking. The trick is to apply them hard and then it'll hold. Glad I don't have anywhere to go for the next few days.
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