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Not A Single One

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After driving 517 miles to Santa Barbara and back I checked my windshield and didn't find a single insect splatter. I started off with a clean windshield and ended up with a clean windshield.

250 miles of my trip was through farming country and that's where the majority of insects used to be because they pollinate plants as well as feeding on plants and other insects.

Insects play a very important role in our environment so it's very worrisome that they are gone. The insect populations have decreased around 75% over the entire world and our scientists are trying to figure out why.

I live in the mountains at the 2000 foot level and I rarely see meat bees and wasps. The meat bees that will quickly eat anything that dies and the wasps that will dive bomb me if I get within 15 feet of their nests.

At night my porch light used to be surrounded by moths of different sizes and now I rarely see any. And I rarely see bats because their food source is gone.

Scientists use special traps to catch insects flying at night and then weigh them the next morning and they're finding a 75% reduction in their combined weights.
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