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Newbe from MA

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Hi guys,
I've had my 77 Vette since it was 4 years old. Bought it from a buddy. Drove it for awhile, wasn't fast enough so I pulled off the Qjet and manifold and added a comp cam and kit, Edlebrock manifold and 600 Holley, along with Hedman HPC long tube headers. Ran better, but still not enough. Built a 350 with 4bolt mains, scat crank, good rods and 2.02 heads. Put a little bigger cam in too. Ran much better, and had a nice lope at idle. After quite a few years, blew the tranny. Figured it was time to add more HP while I had the tranny out. Ordererd a +.040 400 (408ci) shortblock from RHS with TRW blower pistons and good rods. Tore it apart because I wanted to check all clearances myself. Was pretty good so added a split profile special grind supercharger cam. Intake is 295 duration ground on 109deg lobe center with .492 lift. Exhaust is 304 duration ground on 113deg lobe center with 509 lift. Used Rhodes lifters and B&M gear drive for precise cam timing. Did the heads all over with new valves, bronze guide, fully ported and polished both intake and exhaust. CC's and polished the chambers and had them shaved for flatness. CR ended up at 8.4, perfect for the Supercharger. Used a B&M blower, did some minor porting and radiusing for flow. Used a 950 cfm 4 hole throttle body and a fuel injection unit that I custom fit. Added MSD6A ign. Lots more added, but that's the basic engine package. Had the tranny fully built by a local race shop, with the best components available. Added a 2400 stall TCI converter. Changed all u joints to Lakewood with no grease fittings for strength. Exhaust comes off the 3" header collectors with full dual 3" pipe, all the way to the back to dual 3" straight thru mufflers out the back thru 2 3.5" slash tips. New wheels and tires completed the package. Now it runs really strong, almost too much to handle, but isn't! Really fun to drive, quite loud, and has a killer lumpy idle. I take it out every chance I get whenever the roads are dry. Still has only 60400 original miles on it!
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Sounds great. Must be fun to launch. A procharger would be a nice upgrade.
Welcome to smokinvette
Thanks for the welcome guys!
Hey blown 77, Looks like we are damn near neighbors. Hope to you at the car show, behind the mall on Wens nights.
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