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New to Vettes looking for buying advice! HELP

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I'm new to corvettes but not new to cars by any means. I have owned 6 mustangs and now i'm ready to try something different. My previous cars have had mods (one was turbo'd and the other was eaton supercharged). But I'm just looking for some buying advice. Like what are some common problems with these cars or what to look for when they have been abused. Any general knowledge that would help me when I go to look at the car. I know the obvious like check the oil, tires, fluids but I just want to know anything thats specific to these cars.
The car I'm going to look at is a 2003 lemans blue corvette. It has the bose speakers and I believe its a 50th anny. It is equiped with the HUD as well and a borla exhaust.

Thanks in advance!:sm_party:
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welcome to SV.. as I said earlier .there are quite a few common maladies... take a look at the harmonic balancer.. they are prone to wobbling.. rocking seat syndrome, headlight motor plastic gears fail easily, valvetrain noises, clutch rattle on manuals, steering wheel squeak, front deflectors get beat up on curbs,etc, if you need to jack or lift ,use lifting points only, E-brake retaining clips fail, cause a scrubbing sound, on autos, plastic shift cable connector at trans lever breaks .... electronics failures can drive you nutz ,and cost a fortune.. and a few more....... but, we love-em can pull codes from DIC use this . .... see whats gone wrong before
Oh wow...thats more than expected lol. But thanks for the help! Also with the valvetrain noise and the clutch rattle, does that mean something is messed up? or is it normal for it to do that?
Thanks, Blake
some of these are merely annoyances, depending on severity
1994 C4 Coupe for sale your posting. I have a very clean 94 Coupe for sale (45,400 miles.). If interested take a look at C4 For Sale thread. Driving distance from me is about 4-4 1/2 hours.

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