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Hey SmokinVette Forum!

I'm new here, found you from the Jay Leno YouTube channel. I just bought my first Vette. She's a '99 C5 highly optioned 6-speed Z51 car. 26,000 original miles. Artic White over Firethorn Red. I decoded the decal in the glove box, and as far as I can tell for the base Coupe the only options not on the car are the F45 Suspension package since it's got the Z51 instead, and the multi-disc CD changer. I even have both targa tops. The car had the C6 wheels on it when I got it.

Just after I got her I added the GS-1 style stripes, Corvette lettering, and painted the calipers to match. Super tight car, super fun to drive!

** Only issue I've noticed is a rhythmic intermittent vibration at highway speed. Above 65 to 75. At 80 it seems to go away. The smoother the road the more noticeably it is. This car has brand new tires, and the alignment tracks straight hands off although the steering wheel is slightly off center. This vibration is not noticeable at lower speeds, or when accelerating decelerating. Highway speed, cruise control at 70...that's where it comes in. Vibration, goes away, vibration, goes away...this is a cycle. My balancer does not have a visual wobble to it so far. Wheel or Suspension bearings/bushings maybe? Any ideas?
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