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I picked up a '92 LT1 6 speed in need of help but will stop short of saying it needs a complete restore. It had the typical woes- cracked/broken/missing interior screws & parts, lots of rigs and just tons of neglect. The only upside was that, amidst the car crumbling around him, the previous owner decided to install new headers and an updated 3" exhaust. A bit loud for my taste but not headache or ticket loud.
The stereo was DOA and the front right speaker was missing. Since I was replacing the carpeting anyhow,
thought it might save time to replace the radio, too, especially since the dash bezel was cracked, along
with lots of other parts (amazingly, the main dash is still in good shape). I had an older Pioneer DEH-1600 sitting around. It fit the opening with a Metra install kit. There was already a set of AudioBahn 6.5 inch speakers installed in the rear locations (these dropped right in) but it appears they were still new and had never been used so I left them. I had picked up a replacement front right speaker on Ebay but decided not to butcher the factory parts and ended up picking up a set of Kicker 6 x 8" units for the front and making some quick, one-off housings that would fit in the original holes. I had hoped someone would make these and maybe they do but when I searched the 'net, I didn't see them and hope I haven't wasted my time. Each side took an afternoon plus curing time. They fit in the original locations and have the same shape, using the factory mounting holes. The Pioneer is 50 watts x 4. With the 4 speakers connected, it sounds good. Hopefully the interior will be back together in a couple of days. Was going to post a few pics of the process but don't have the privs.

lots of rain here in the North's times like this I would love to move to Tuscon (8.
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