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New owner C6 2006 Monterey Red Base Conv. 3LT super loaded... Question on Fob programming?

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Hi Gents,
I am the thrilled new owner of a loaded base 2006 Monterey Red Convertible/ Auto with only 42k miles! Before taking delivery (from great dealership Automaxx of the Carolinas in Summerville, SC burb of Charleston ..who delivered free) I had them replace brake pads/turn, change transmission fluid, install a new aftermarket Harmonic Balancer.

My question: the car came with two factory fobs #1,#2. I bought an aftermarket fob and apparently missed a step in programing it... maybe forgot last step to hit the Acc ignition button? The car showed the new fob going in Fob #4 in the DIC and now shows "No more fobs left".

How do I clear Fob#3 (Don't have) and Fob#4 memory slots (failed program of the new 3rd party fob in "Fob4"), so I can reprogram the new fob on the Fob #3 position?

Thanks in advance, gentlemen.

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