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:drool5: Does anybody know what would be a drop-dead date to order a 2011 corvette? I don't want to wait too long to order my Vette and then find it's too late to build a 2011.
Due to finances, I need a little longer to buy the car with an increased down payment and it may not happen in time to order before the model-year change-over.
If I knew what 2012 changes will be made I wouldn't sweat-it. I hope the 2012 still has the same LS3 not a "dumbed-down" version or something else, I also want the convertible, manual shift and Jetstream Blue, but have heard these will be dropped....... I don't want to risk losing the opportunity to order it my way in 2011 and take my Museum delivery if these changes are really coming.
Although this would be my 4th Vette and my favorite color is blue (specifically the '67 Marina Blue, '66 Nassau Blue, or '69 LeMans Blue), the Jetstream Blue is as close as i've seen to these in a while.
Is there a find-out for certain what options will be available for the 2012 model?
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