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Hi all! Just discovered the site thru Ecklers, glad to be a part of the group! I am 57yo, and finally purchased my 1st Vette, a 93 LT1 automatic, bright red with black interior. I have wanted one since I was little, and finally was able to get it! It needs some cosmetics, and has 163,000 miles, but it runs great! This is my first GM performance car (have owned several Fords, currently have a 89 Mustang GT convertable also) but do I love that Vette! My Vette is a glass top, and I own 2 convertables at this time, but guess which one goes in my basement garage? I hope to have another cover built to put the "others" in soon, but I will baby my Vette! I also have a couple of Yamaha Ventures, one is for parts, but I also love to ride it as well. Next goal is to have a Harley hopefully before I die. Glad to be a part of the group, I have noticed a comrodrie between Vette owners like people who ride bikes, always friendly and wave to each other going down the road, I really love this!! J. Boyter
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