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New guy here in need of some help and ideas.

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Well lets see... I guess I'll start with a little history of my relationship with Corvettes... When I was 18, (May 2011) I bought my first Corvette, a red 1989 convertible with 82k original miles that had been sitting for approximately ten years. I had absolutely NO idea just exactly how much time, effort, blood, sweat AND tears it would take just to get her back to standard factory conditions... about 9 months and approximately $9,000 later, I had her back to stock shape, performance wise anyway. In August 2012 (now 19 years old) I spotted a sharp looking black 1994 Vette for sale on the side of the Highway, on my way home from work, I stopped to ask the guy about it, a week and $7000 later, I drove that bad girl home. Up until last week, I had been driving her, unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, she is now in need of a transmission. HERE is where I would like some feedback and ideas because I'm still young and pretty unexperienced. As she sits, she's an automatic with the 700r4 tranny. My vision... as time consuming, aggravating and chaotic as it may sound, it to convert the car to a 6-speed Manual. As far as the motor goes, I'm pretty sure it's still a stock LT1 block, but one of the previous owners has done allot of hit and miss work here and there (cam, intake, headers injectors etc) but the problem is nobody can find a way to get into contact with him to find out exactly what all has been done under the hood. My plan is, or what I would like to so, is pull the motor, bore and stroke it to a 383 and run some kind of forced induction (turbo, supercharger or procharger). Basically what I would like from the community here is some feedback on pros, cons, problems i may run into while converting from an automatic to a manual, I would also like opinions on what to do with the motor. I thank you all for reading this and look forward to what everyone has to say.

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so, congrats on your recent Lotto win.. I m assuming, because you are about to spend a bundle of cash to accomplish what you are considering.going from auto to manual , and stroking and forced induction ,is a big say, you aren t that experienced ? get some experienced help.. as to motor, a 383 stroker is an EXCELLENT way to go..I have a 383 /525HP in my C3... . Forced induction is a great way to make a beast of a motor, docile enough for daily driving.. several members run ProChargers with great results... but intercooling is a must... good luck on your project.. we will be glad to help along the way, post in the C4 forum
Thanks for the input, no lotto win, I've just been working since I was sixteen and am pretty good with saving my money hence being 20 years old with two Vettes haha but I'm not looking to do the build immediately, right now i'm just in the process of deciding and making up my mind exactly what I want to do. I'm absolutely dead set on the 383 stroker idea but as far as i can tell, thats the only firm decision I have made. as far as professional/experienced help, all I have going for me is Angie's List because of my lack of experience and not really knowing anyone with enough experience to be much help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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