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New from East Tennessee

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I am an Old Timer (3 score and 10) looking for his first C5 Vette. Now, as such, I have found a majority of Vette owners / sellers out of touch with reality regarding the price they ask for their vehicles. So, my question is: Are they simply naive? Are they willing to wait for the Jerk who will pay an inordinant amount for a car that's worth half of what's being asked, are they unknowledgable or does the Corvette community think that those on the outside have no clue?

I am willing to travel 500 miles for the right car .... but low and behold .... I cannot trust a soul to tell me the real value of their Corvette. Of course I have connections to assertain that number. Everyone seems to think theirs is the best. Geez ... I have seen crap that you couldn't give me going for dollars that are unreal..... What is the scoop?

I know this is controversial and I mean no harm .... I'm just seeking some candid views that will help me understand why some people are asking $20,000 for a 1998 Corvette that is worth $10,000.

Thanks for your patience, time, and expert direction.
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