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You’ve made all of the desired power upgrades on your C5 or C6 Corvette – now all you need is a clutch that can hold the new-found power and bring that racing technology to the street. Zip’s new*Corvette Mantic Dual Disc Clutches*are an excellent choice for 1997-2013 performance modified Corvette owners who are looking to maintain pure street drivability.

Historically, the biggest complaints against dual-disc clutches is that the surface materials have been too aggressive for street use and the clutch pedal pressure too intense. *The Mantic’s organic disc material offers excellent holding capabilities but does not sacrifice any of the OEM drivability. The HD pressure plate increases the pedal pressure from 10 lbs to 14 lbs, which is nearly unnoticeable, while the clutch assembly is capable of holding 780 ft/lbs of torque.

Simply put, these Corvette Parts increase the clamping power and reduce the pedal pressure.

Built with a steel flywheel that is SFI rated and an aluminum pressure plate, Mantic clutch kits are made with premium quality materials designed to perform and last the distance. Each kit includes the complete clutch and flywheel assembly and a new OEM slave cylinder with bearing.

Now you really can have it all with your C5 or C6 Corvette – power and drivability!

Purchase online at Zip*Corvette Parts

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