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New C6 owner

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Hi all.

I have had the C6 "fever" for just about a year now.

So, I sold my mostly restored 82 Corvette last week, went to MacMulkin
Chevrolet 2 days later & by weeks end purchased a 2013 1LT from Tommy Jr.
Tommy was able to get me in a new car for nearly the same price as what
most used car dlrs. were wanting me to pay for 50K+ mile cars!

I want to thank Elaine @ Corvette Mike for also helping me out as best she could with my search when I was looking at pre-owned.

That said, I signed papers yesterday & due to lousy weather, Tommy let me keep the car there allowed me to take delivery today when the weather
dried up, awesome!

I bought black (I know, not red this time!), with an ebony interior & 6

A red car was my 1st choice, but all Tommy had was auto's with my
transmission & interior criteria. Black was my 2nd choice.

Now time to start reading the pretty thick owners manual & hanging out
in the C6 section.

Here's a few pics, well, allot of pics.

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enjoy the new ride


Evan, Chevrolet Customer Service
Congrats. You're gonna love it. My wife has the same car but with an automatic and chrome wheels.
What do you think about the dual mode exhaust?
Congratulations and best wishes on your new ride. :cheers:
Congratulations. Beautiful car. :thumbsup3:

Welcome to the Wonderful World of C6 'Vettes! Enjoy the ride! Nice car.:thumbsup3:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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