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Adam's Polishes - NEW! Adam's Colorado Car Wiper® with FREE BONUS!

NEW! Adam's Colorado Car Wiper® with FREE BONUS!

  • Made From Real Wood!
  • The Latest Way To Dust Your Car
  • One-Of-a-Kind Design! No Two Are Exactly Alike!
  • Guaranteed To Give Your Car Scratches with Every Use!

At Adam's we're always looking for that latest detailing innovation to help our customers take their cars to the next level and during a recent walk in the empty field adjacent to the warehouse we found it! Adam's NEW Colorado Car Wiper... the ultimate way to remove contamination from your valuable paint job!!

Simply take the Adam's Colorado Car Wiper in hand and wipe away bird droppings, dust, dirt, debris, and reveal the deep rich luster of your cars primer! Works on clear coat and single stage paint jobs, and don't worry - its dual sided design means you can use either end!

Thanks to breakthroughs in advanced tree-trimming technology we are able to select only the finest, all natural components that make Adam's Colorado Car Wiper the ultimate way to care for your car!

Order today and we'll throw in a FREE bag of Adam's Premium tire cleaning nails. Take your rolling stock from drab to flat in just seconds with an old coffee can filled with rusty nails.

Contents: (1) HA-HA! Its April Fools Day.

Happy April Fools Day Everyone! In the spirit of the day lets hear your worst detailing product ideas. Razor blade filled clay bar? Dumpster scented interior cleaner? If your idea makes us laugh more than others we'll send you a little gift!

Come share your ideas with us here:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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