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When I was restoring my big block '71 for daily use I didn't know big blocks with A/C required an additional belt to drive their water pump because their A/C was driven solely by their water pump's pulley. I went to Fresno one summer afternoon with my A/C on and by the time I got there my fan belt was so loose my fan was barely spinning because of my A/C compressor's additional load on it.

The next day I bought a 3-13/16" diameter 4-Seasons idler pulley then fabricated a mount bracket for it. I mounted it on the right side of my 454" since my engine no longer required a smog pump so the rear pulley grooves weren't being used.

The belt's adjustment is accomplished by an "eccentric" hub that moves the pulley in and out about 1-1/4" or enough for me to put the belt onto or take the belt off of the pulley by just loosening the eccentric's 1/2" NF grade 8 center mount bolt and rotating it.

The hardest part was making it so I could periodically grease it without taking it apart but I accomplished that after some hair pulling and careful lathe work.

After 10 years of daily use I decided to make a new pulley to replace the stamped steel 4-Seasons pulley and this new pulley's bearing will be able to retain its grease better. This picture shows a 4" pulley but after the picture was taken I reduced its diameter to 3-13/16".


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