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need help

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i,d like too put a chip in 2001 corvette the car has a v2 varoom cold air intake and a granetely cat back muffler would the chip give me more power thanks 2001 bill :thumbsup3:
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The chip is a pipe dream. If you could gain instant power from something so cheap everyone would have one, and GM would have already done it. Horsepower costs money. Your Vararam gives you more power after you are up to a decent speed so you get the ram effect. The mufflers give you more noise so you think you have more power but they do not rreally increase the power. If you want more power be prepared to spend some real money on long tube headers, heads, cam, etc. Then get a real tune from a good tuner, such as Tom Wong in Vancouver, Wa.
yeah, dont believe the " plug in and get 60HP " sales pitch.. its not gonna may pick up a few ponies, but you won t feel it ...if you want more power, it simply takes more spent = horsepower gained
A good Tune Up ! Will Get U a Lot !:thumbsup3:
Go with a 3:90 gear in your rear diff. Won't give you any more horsepower but you'll take off like a bat out of hell
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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