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I joined in '09, just because I like Corvette's & have had 7 now in my life time.
In 2011 I bought a 1966 big block air couple. Really a good, clean, straight car, but I wanted to put new interior in it & kinda of go through it. Welllll, now it is sitting here bare frame. Took the body off, gutted the interior, & as I said a bare frame.
I have the frame back from the paint shop & starting to assemble everything, which is either new or rebuilt. Like engine & transmission have been gone through. All new bearings, U-joints. Everything sand blasted & painted, etc. Is there any kind of book that tells exactly in what order to reassemble the car??? I have a NCRS book that tells what are the "correct" parts, what color they should be, etc. I also have an "assembly manual" from Mid-America Corvette, which is very little help. It has been recopied so many times you can barely read it. Plus it isn't any help assembling it.
I need something like when you go to "youtube" & look up an article on, for example how to install a power window motor. Except I NEED a whole book on how to assemble a 1966 Corvette.
Any help would be appreciated.

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