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Need better seats

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Ok I’m a large fellow 6 foot and 280 lb. I love my car but the seat SUCK. I’m looking for a decent riding thin seat that will fit the car and me ROFL. Currently with stock seat I have it all the way back and leaned back to give me some room, my head still hits the T tops (I have extra tops and was considering a slight mod to them.) I also feel no support laterally in the factory seat which in hard corner slings me a bit. I’m even considering a steering Colum mod to take 1-2 inches out of it. Any suggestions for a great seat under a grand for the 2?
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A couple of things, If you had a set of moon roof you get extra 3 inches of head room. Some people me included have C5 and C6 seats. To make them work, for tall people, they usually remove all the power stuff and bolt them directly to the floor in a fixed position.

I am 5'9" and do not have that problem and also my car is a convertible so I get a little extra headroom there. They sit about 3 - 4 inches higher than the stock C3 seats with all the power stuff installed.

Check out my profile picture to see my seats.
ive wondered about this also, ive heard of fiero seats being used, but are there other seats out there that would also work without to many mods?
C4 seats sit a little higher than the c3 ones do, c5 seats seems to work for most, some consider fiero seats. What year do you have? If you have a 78 and up with power seats, you will have an interesting time with the install, seeing your floor pans are different depths. Ask me how I know!
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