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Now, before you*hardcore small and big block guys allow your blood pressure to rise*over this claim*- hear us out.

Justin Abbott,*VP and Technical Supervisor at Zip Corvette, set out earlier this year to modify a new Corvette Grand Sport. Baseline testing of the factory-fresh 2011 GS (an A6 automatic) revealed a respectable 383.82 hp and 380.65 ft/lbs of torque. Subsequent runs provided similar results, for a solid benchmark.

With data in hand, Abbott did what any Corvette*gear head*would do – he headed back to Zip’s garage to add a few super sweet Corvette Parts.

Zip offers several C6 Corvette Power Packages, but make no mistake – these parts are a far cry from what you typically see advertised in the marketplace. Zip spends a great deal of time and talent in the areas of research and development so we can assure you that the products we offer are the best available.

First, he added*an LS7/LS9 *Kooks Full Length Stepped Stainless Header, designed exclusively for Zip Corvette. Next, he installed Zip’s own Mamba Air Intake Box. Made with genuine 2×2 twill carbon fiber, each box is built by hand and cured in an autoclave, just like those Indy Car body panels.

With those two parts installed, the next step was to control the heat because*heat is the worst enemy of any Corvette. But do you know why? The answer might surprise you. Click here to read Abbott’s full tech article, where he explains the dangers of heat. To increase cooling, Abbott added a DeWitts HD Aluminum Radiator.

The final step was to add Zip’s High Performance Shielded Spark Plug Wires and some Corsa Xtreme Exhaust Mufflers to finish out the package.

So, what kind of results did he achieve with the new parts installed? How does 428.43 horsepower and 411.50 foot-pounds of torque sound? He picked up more than 44 horsepower to the rear wheels and just shy of 31 pound-feet of torque, with relatively simple bolt-ons and a little tuning.

Which brings us back to the original claim that LS is the best, period. Abbott sums it up this way:

“I can’t think of any small block or big block that you add a couple of parts to and have that kind of power output and still be civil enough to let your mother drive it to the grocery store,” he said. “*You could get into this GS and take a drive across the county in traffic, if you wanted to. Having personally owned many earlier Corvettes, I can’t think of any of them that could do that and put down 428 horsepower to the ground.”

Click here to read Abbott’s entire article explaining the modification. You’ll also find his list of must-have tools for the performance-minded Corvette owner. We’ve posted his*complete findings on*, Zip’s online arsenal of tech articles and “how-to’s” for Corvette owners of all generations.

Tell us what you think! Do you agree that LS is best? Or are you standing firm with the early SBC and BBC crowd?

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