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Right after I fabricated my Ram Air with its rear vent I decided to see how hot it got under my 454's hood on a 105 degree afternoon. When I was down in the valley I stopped at a Rite Aid store and bought a Sunbeam oven thermometer for around $5.50 then placed it next to my HEI. After I drove 30 miles to get back home I immediately popped my hood and was surprised to see it only showed 200 degrees.

My rear hood vent is 2" tall X 17-1/2" wide and I guess being high and in the slipstream of the air it does a great job of sucking the under hood heat out while I'm driving. I have read it's common for modern cars to have under hood temperatures of over 300 degrees so 200 degrees is hardly anything to be concerned about. The other advantage of having cooler under hood temperatures is plastics and rubbers last a lot longer because heat rapidly degrades them.

And as I had recently stated my fuel mileage increased by 3 mpg just from the cooler Ram Air that inducts the air from in front of my radiator and as it inducts the air from under my C3's nose rain never gets in.


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