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Is a L98 a 4 Bolt Main ?
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2 bolt for sure. I was going to make a stroker out of mine until i seen the 2 bolt mains. so i just returned it to stock and had to buy a new block for the 383 build.
Thanks Guys ! :thumbsup3:
Why can't you make a 383 stroker motor out of a 2-bolt main?
You could .......... but why would you? No sense in stroking out a 2 bolt to a 383 and dumping thousands of dollars in hypo internals only to have the guts held together by the weakest main caps ever put in a small block. Makes no sense . for big power you need a little better setup than a 2 bolt to holster your internals. Now if your not going to do anything to crazy just stroke it out use a mild cam and factory intake and such. A 2 bolt would be fine but the time and money invested i would only recommend it if your 350 is weak and on its last leg. Because a mild 383 with a stock tpi's money to power ratio isnt to good imop. Also if by any chance you are going to use sticky tires and do hard launches , all that pressure gets transfered from tires to half shaft to diff to driveshaft to trans which will eventually be putting tons of pressure on that crankshaft. Trust me you dont want a 2bolt to support all that!
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Makes sense, thanks for the thorough explanation.
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