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LS7 Improvement thread

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Im thought id try to get something going here. I will start by saying,yes im on a second build for my car a 08 z06 10k. Been saving since last H/C in april. All were waiting for is ross coated pistons. Thats all i got for now. Hopefully someone has something interesting, no matter if its cosmetic or mechanical to discuss. Hope the snipes stay at the other forum:patriot:
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I know where it is......... whats going in the engine? what kind of power level do you expect from it? any other mods to the car to support the new set-up? are you doing it yourself, or farming it out?....and we use snipe repellant here
My shop is waiting for ross coated pistons all other lower end parts and blower have arrived.Things must be bad if nobody is doing any upgrades.
things are tight , not many have funds for big HP mods right now.. My resto/ modified C3 has been built for many years, and my C5 is mostly wifes car..I ve been wrenching on and loving these cars since 1972... keep us posted on progress , some of us are still interested ...its just been slow around here lately.,,weather is getting warmer, Corvettes come out to play ... good luck on the project , sounds like fun to me
For me its come to letting go of many things and doing work i never would of stooped to.
Just killing time waiting for my build to be completed ,thought i would try to load some pics of last years mods at 7k now at 10k mi.


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More shots of my Ls7. Couldnt get the stock dyno to load,it was 421 rw on a mustang dyno at 7k mi.


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