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Ok well yes maybe I am jumping the gun here since I am still waiting for my ball-joints, bushings, shocks, bearings etc etc to come in the mail But I found a good deal on a set of used hooker side pipes that I couldn't pass up. The seller was really nice talked to me for a hour answering other vette questions showed me the 63 vet these came off to go back to stock style and also the 79 he is restoring.

Keep in mind I know this when I bought them but I have a LS1 1998 corvette motor for my C3 project and these headers are for a old style 350 before I cut the flange off and re-bend the center pipes to correct LS1 position I wondered if anyone had a LS1 header set that will fit my hooker side pipes that wanted to trade for a 350 headers set ? just figure maybe someone could use these and have what I need if not I will modify this set.

The headers under the car to engine are dirty and some discoloration form being used and I have not tried to clean them up yet but the shine part that sticks out of the side of the car is pretty :thumbsup3:

I just figured I ask since more people have the 350 engines before I start cutting on this set
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