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Hello All,

Hope all are safe. Strange problem just started. The engine will not start. I tested the spark plug by putting spark plug in spark plug wire, grounding the metal of spark plug to engine. Very low spark, sometimes no spark. I installed a new coil and ignition control module, cap and rotor but same thing. I tested the positive wire to the distributor with multimeter and got 12 volts and when the engine is cranking 9 volts.What else could it be? Does the distributer need to be replaced? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Sometimes its just a simple problem. Recently I had the rear view mirror fall off. So in process of glueing it back three people had problem getting it to glue back. Then my car was not starting with out a boost. I started checking and finally noticed the reading light are was not working .I removed the fuse. And wow. My car is starting and running great. Now to mechanic to fix the problem ,its in the wiring on the reading light.
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