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Lost comms with TCM 0n 06 C6?

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I have a problem and cannot get to a dealer as the car is in the North of Scotland in limp home mode and nearest dealer is 600miles south.
Have DIC "service traction control" but the only code I can read is U0101 "lost communication with TCM". I figure it is a plug come loose but where to look?
The car was going a long fine, suddenly lost power, gauges did a sweep and dash background light cameon and off. Now stuck in 3rd gear only and no throttle response. Will just make it to 2000rpm but won't climb hills. Engine idiot light is on and another to do with locking and security. Traction control button does not switch off traction control. I have read widely about the usual faults and have checked battery, leads and all earths to the frame. Tried deleting the code (only U0101 showing but I know it has previously had DIC "service tyre pressure montor" so was expecting to find more fault codes. Read yesterday Talon 90's impressive data on TSB for 08 vette and see a lot with U0101 codes to do with a loose plug on the transmission harness, eg. 13 TSB No.:08-07-30-021 NHTSA No.:10025402 TSB Date: April 1, 2008 Date Added to File:August 6, 2008
Failing Component:
Digital Instrument Panel
Loss of high speed gmlan communications, intermittent no crank, ipc gauge fluctuation, intermittent door lock cycling, transmission may not shift, DTCs U0073, U0100, U0101, U0102, 70140 (repair backed out terminal in transmission harness co
. Can anyone tell me where to look for this potentially loose plug and does this apply to 06 C6. It is also due recall for steering colum wiring harness plug fault in telescopic steering colum. Any one got photos of this plug so I can identify it and eliminate it from the search.
Any help for a newby greatly appreciated.
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Turns out my C6 is a USA 05 model with 4 speed auto so the TSB's above with the faulty transmission harness connector do not apply. Any one got any ideas where to look for a break on comms with TCM on an 05 model?

Any ideas appreciated as a bit blind on this one with out more fault codes.
i have the same problems ,
no speedo , abs warning, service traction system.
plugged in autel mk808 diagnostic reader and it came up with loss of communication with tcm . anyone got any ideas as to what the problem might be .
regards steve
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