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Led fog lights

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I decided to take a shot at the LED fog light bulbs I've seen advertised. I had previously changed my fogs to HID lamps to match the color temp (6k) of my projector headlamps, but even with the fog lamps aimed all the way down, the fog lamps were dangerous to oncoming traffic. The LEDs were about $40.00, the color temp matches up perfectly, and there are now no issues with blinding the oncoming traffic. They are plenty bright enough to be noticed day or night, but they add NO lighting ability at all. In fact, the corner lamps I have with LED bulbs seem to put out more light because of the reflectors. Even with all that said, I think I'll keep them on it. I left the old ballasts in place in case I want to switch back.
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I think they look good. I really like the license plate light. I may have to steal that idea. :thumbsup3:
I thought it was just a reflection from camra
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