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Prior to getting these installed, I researched online to try and find out how much of a difference in sound there would be. There seem to be a lot of different opinions about how much or little headers affect the sound. So, now that I have them installed I thought I would help out anybody else that may have the same question...

I have a 2006 C6, A6 convertible. A couple of years ago I had Corsa Sport axle back installed at Carlisle.
This year I had Kooks 1 7/8 long tube headers installed with a catted X pipe and a tune completed by Cartek Racing (partnered with Kooks for the show).

I noticed a difference in sound as soon as they started it up! It seems to have a bit of a deeper sound at idle now. At cruising speed there is no difference at all...but getting up to cruising speed is definitely louder...really seems to have opened it up.
The two BIG differences:

1. Going through the gears with the paddle shift. Giving it a bit of juice (not WOT) and winding out the gears a bit sounds awesome. When shifting between gears, especially 1st and 2nd, the exhaust lets out a crazy sound. Way louder than pre headers!

2. WOT
This seems to be the area that most posts I read agreed on and boy were they right! It SCREAMS now. I was confident it would be louder but was seriously surprised at how great it sounded. I have also noticed that it screams more than it used to when flooring it when already at higher speeds (50 mph or so).

I didn't get on a dyno so I have no idea how much actual hp I gained but I do feel a difference, especially at higher I said above, hitting it when at about 50 - 60 mph.

I've tried to get video shots with my phone but none of them do the sound justice. I'll post if I ever get a good one.

Hopefully that helps anybody else looking to get headers.

One more thing.....Kooks and Cartek were great! They really take the time needed to get things just right.
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