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Hay guys,

I just joined the site after hearing about it from Jay's Garage. I have always respected the corvette brand and was amazed at the performance the cars delivered relived to their price,however I really didn't consider myself a real corvette enthusiast. Since about 1 year ago i soled my 2010 camaro SS which i had for about 1year and have really enjoyed driving. I have been looking around for a new car for a while now and have been really considering either a used GTR or the 2013 Shelby-500. However after the C7 was unveiled it blew my mind. The only problem i really had with it was its looks and right now in my modest opinion i think its amazing. So my question for you guys is should i buy the C7 ( the Z06 is the one am consdring) and will it be a good every day car.
and thanx
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