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Hey everyone,
On my '08 w/Z51, 6m coupe, after I jack it up using the pucks, where is it safe to place the jackstands? I want to change the diff. fluid when the weather gets warmer. Thanks in advance.
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What I usually do is jack up the car from the rear cradle and lift the entire rear end at once. (Check the owners manual for a pic of the proper spot) Then I place the jack stands on the rear pucks. I don't think I've ever done the fronts though, and usualy just leave it on the jack. But I'm sure a similar solution can be used up front.

*Upon further thinking though normally by jacking up one corner the entire side comes up, actually the frame is so stiff that usually all three wheels normally come up. Perhaps you can jack it up enough on one corner to get a jack stand under the same side? Dunno, never tried.
I jack from the lifting points on the side and put the stands where it shows in the owner's manual. I don't know the correct term to describe it, but when you look underneath you can see where the car supports itself. Just be sure the stand crosses more than one crossmember rib.
Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.
I always jack mine up from the front and rear cross members and then put the jackstands under the pucks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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