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My $7 one way gasoline check valve arrived this morning so I'll install it tomorrow morning and see if it solves my ongoing problem. Every two days when I want to start my Chevy pickup I have to fill its fuel bowl with gasoline and once it starts I have to rev it to at least 1500 rpm for several minutes to keep it running. Then just two days later all of the gasoline in the pump and fuel lines has drained back to the tank (or so it seems). So I'll install this inexpensive check valve and see if it solves my annoying problem.

Behind the check valve are my new shifter sliders that are made from a different material than the OEM (nylon?) sliders.

Update 8-11-22: After I installed the one way check valve I started my engine and ran it at a fast 1500 rpm idle for about 20 minutes. It's speed constantly fluctuated 500 to 600 rpm and it often came close to dying. I removed the fuel line from the carburetor then forced a 3/8" hose onto its end and with the other end of the hose in a large coffee can. Using my remote push button starter switch I cranked it and quickly saw it would pump then quit pumping then pump then quit pumping; a sure sign of a pump with defective check valves. So I ordered a Carter fuel pump from an E-Bay vendor in Washington. I doubt the old pump had more than 1000 miles on it.


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