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its finally here

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Beautiful throughout, with the exception of the stylized Camaro rear end, but I guess it'll grow on me after a while.

What concerns me is the pricing. Below is from Motor Trend magazine.

If this is accurate, I think it's insane! All the C7 changes are desirable, but certainly not worth $10,000 more for a Base C7 over a Base C6 Coupe.

If this is true....correction, if even a $5,000 price hike is true, I'm very happy I ordered a 2013 GS.


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I watched the reveal on line and listened to the company execs talk about the improvements. I'm not in the market for a C7 or even a new C6, for that matter. What I want to see from the C7 is that it becomes the Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo beater we all hope it will be. In the past C6's lost head to head competitions due to seats and interior quality. If those problems have been taken care of I don't see why this car won't be a world beater.
After doing a little more research, it now appears as though G.M. has done away with the "Base" model, and the new base is at least equal too, or better than the C6 Grand Sport, but it is no longer called a Grand Sport.

If that is true, then the price increase is only $3,000 which is acceptable, given the many improvements. However, this all remains to be seen. Since I'd never purchase a totally new car in it's first year of production anyway, I'll decide in the spring of 2015 if I gotta have one or not.
I like them bringing back the "Stingray" name and the little stingray on the lower fender:thumbsup3:
I actually don't like the stingray emblem. I think it would have been better if stingray was written
I really don't like anything about it.
I really don't like anything about it.
maybe cause you just dropped the money on a
C6 ? :z1-2::doh:
I want to see it in person before I say anything bad about it after all it is a Corvette.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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