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It's been awhile but im back with more questions! lol

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hey guys!!! to any of you who have noticed I haven't been on in awhile, according to smokinvette since October 25th... WOW time flies, Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving and spent time with your families and weren't one of the people waiting outside my job (best buy) all week long for black friday lol. Anyway im ready to get back to working on my 79". Next on the to do list is my front suspension. 2 questions I have for you guys.

1. I was gonna go with these any suggestions on better/other parts i should use or will these do just fine?

2. anyone replaced this by themselves before got any tips? I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of the tougher things to do. I know I will need a spring compressor, any other specific tools I will need for this job?

Any and all advice is welcome, Thanks =D
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Not sure how you intend to drive but you get what you pay for. In that I only buy used parts from EBAY the springs you showed are cheaper at jegs


Moog 5762
Front Coil Springs
1963-82 Corvette

Front Springs

Item# 719-5762
Ships Today
Only $47.99

More Info

Also the steering kit is awful cheap, who makes the parts? I prefer Moog or similar Known brand, you can get Chinese made ball joints cheap but they are not that great. Metals are not as good " yes they pass the standard but the standard isn’t that high" and gain you get what you pay for. Also I like poly bushings to stiffen everything up a bit but nothing wrong with stock rubber.
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Thank you Voler for letting me know about the springs from jegs, you saved me 30 bucks. also I found a front suspension rebuild kit from ecklers that shows it comes with poly bushings, so im gonna pay the extra 50 bucks for the piece of mind.
be sure to use the lube that goes with the poly bushings to reduce squeaks...install them dry and they will drive you nutz
any specific kind of lube you recommend fishslayer?
there are several available.. all good as far as I know ..Jegs or Summit should have them..some kits come with it included .. don t use a petroleum base lube..these are waterproof and stay in the bushing to eliminate the squeaking ..
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