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I turned on my A/C around 1:00 P.M in Fresno when it was 110 degrees and all I got was hot air for around 7 to 8 minutes. Then it started working and it worked all the way home (about 45 miles). There are times when it'll quit when I'm going 70 mph and times when it'll quit in stop-and-go city traffic and times when it works great in stop-and-go city traffic so I'm at a loss as to what's going on.

The tiny A/C points in my heater and A/C selector control (under my shifter console) may be dirty and need cleaning so tomorrow morning I'll pull a double sided (folded) piece of 600 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper through the points to freshen them up. I haven't sanded those points in 13 years of daily use so it's time to do it again.

Those tiny points turn on either the A/C clutch relay or the fan speed relay so they must be clean to do their jobs. And with the HUGE amount of talcum powder fine dust where I live I wouldn't doubt their being dirty. The dust is so fine it gets into all of my gauges, speakers, and everything else so before I sand them I'll use 120 psi of air pressure to blow all of the dust and debris out of my center console.

Another possibility is the pressure switch in my POA eliminator kit is going bad which would prevent the current from going to my clutch. I'll start by sanding the points and then go from there.
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