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When I installed my Competition Cams 286H 236/236 degree X .556"/.556" lift camshaft in 2014 I first sprayed the camshaft's lobes and lifter's feet with graphite spray then smeared their recommended moly break-in grease onto the lobes and lifter's feet. As instructed I only used the outer springs to lessen the pressure on the camshaft's lobes for the initial 25 to 30 minute break-in. I filled my oil pan with 5 quarts of a popular 10W40 dyno oil and with a pint of STP.

After the initial 25 to 30 minute break-in I continued using only the outer springs for the next 1000 miles while never exceeding 2500 rpm before installing the inner springs. I continued limiting my engine speed to 2500 rpm until it hit 5000 miles at which time I finally changed my oil and once again used 5 quarts of a popular 10W40 oil and with a pint of STP.

After that first oil change I continued using a pint of STP with each additional 5000 mile oil change and I now have around 90,000 miles on it. High concentrations of ZDDP may be necessary in the beginning of a camshaft's and lifter's life but once they are thoroughly broken in I doubt high concentrations of ZDDP are needed.

So what is STP? It's just a viscosity improver. It makes thin oil a little bit thicker which would aid in the break-in of a new camshaft and lifters. It contains some ZDDP but not very much so don't assume its ZDDP content alone will allow you to run high seat pressures during the very important break-in process. In the end it's the long and gentle break-in that allows a longer camshaft and lifter life.
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