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I have been having problems with my 84 brakes being inadequate. It makes me nervous because when some numb-nuts pulls out in front of me, or cuts me off, I have to jump on the brakes and PRAY i have enought room...:food-smiley-019:..there is NO WAY I could lock the brakes up or get anywhere close. The master was leaking badly, so i purchased a brand new one. At the same time, ceramic pads were recommended since it was getting close to pad time anyway. It helped a bit, but not much.
Rather than throw parts and $$$ at an unknown problem, I am trying to actually figure it out. It was suggested either the booster was bad, or not enough vaccuum. I connected with a company people spoke highly of at a car show. They checked it out and think maybe the booster has a minor leak. We cant hear anything when the pedal is pressed either. They checked the hose and check valve also.
The question is it possible to have such poor brakes and just a minor, hard to detect leak in the booster??? Who makes a good booster, and is there such an animal as an "upgrade" to a stonger booster??? If the booster doesnt solve it, I am switching to Hawk pads.
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