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Intermittently Won't shift out of park....

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I know this has been discussed, but if anyone got their problem fixed, please let me know what to suggest to the dealer. I am guessing GM PART # 15277559
CATEGORY: Transmission Shift Control will have to be replaced and hope that does it????:wtf:
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Try checking the brake pedal switch. This switch activates a relay which in turn powers the solenoid to release the shifter from park.
HI there,

Both items, the brake switch and/or the brake transmission shift interlock solenoid could be the culprit.

What I would suggest is to listen for the brake lamp relay click below the passenger side toe board. If you have the click, the information is getting to the BCM to release the solenoid and you have a sticking shifter assembly.

But I would be thinking shifter assembly/solenoid than the brake switch.

Allthebest, TCM
Could this be from the shift lock issue with the 05 cars
Most definately could be the same condition.

Allthebest, tcm
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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