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From Another C3 Forum:

"My newly built 383" engine runs hot! I’m guessing it’s because of all the aluminum parts that it now has (heads, intake, aluminized headers, radiator). The Craig Davies fan controller I have suggests not using a thermostat as it’s supposed to control the cooling. So, I’ve tested that idea and there’s no difference in cooling as it still runs hot! The shop I just had my car at gave me the third degree about not having the thermostat installed. I’m putting it back in today. They also suggested higher cfm fans might improve the air flow. Mine are 1400 cfm each (2800 cfm total) and they both run once the 2nd one starts (10 second delay for 2nd fan starting). Any suggestions"?

C3 engines require a minimum of 4500 cfm to cool them so to use anything less is just a waste of time and money. About 8 years ago I experimented with a 2800 cfm Derale electric fan and found it was only able to cool my big block up to 80 degrees F. And after just 2 months of use the epoxy resin used in the fan motor's rotor and stator literally melted which seized the motor.

A 4500 cfm electric fan require 45 to 50 amps so you'll need an alternator capable of producing 45 to 50 amps at idle and then you'll need an expensive controller and relays to run the motor. In the end you'll spend at least $500 to $600 for the parts plus the labor to install them.

And then there's another problem you will encounter: When the fan(s) kick on at idle the alternator will slow the engine down considerably so you'll need a fast idle solenoid that is powerful enough to open the throttle and I've never known of one that can produce that much "push" force.

So before attempting to install electric fans in your C3 ask yourself "will this really be worth it"?
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