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Inner wheel well fitment

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First off I would like to thank for allowing me to join the club. I'm the proud owner of an abused Black 1992 C4 coupe. LT-1 with a 6-speed manual. On my C4 the rear inner wheel wells do not go all the way to the body. I can actually fit my hand between the two and feel the top side of the inner wheel well. Also my bumper cover has the 3rd brake light so I'm pretty sure it is correct but the inside seam looks off a bit. It appears that the vehicle had been hit in the rear at one time and I'm not sure if it has the right quarter panels on it. I have read that the ZR-1's are a tad bit wider than a coupe or Verti. and I'm concerned that someone put the wrong ones on the car when making repairs. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
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Brake light is in correct location, to access remove liecense plate. The gaps in the rear fender well are normal also. :welcometoourcl
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