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I have been Googling, emailing, chatting, texting and every other type of communication known trying to get an answer to my "No Fob Detected" problem.

2005 Corvette Auto-completely free of any upgrades, added or accessory electronic devices, including cell phone.

1. Drove car home, parked in shop, shut down, walked away. All Normal.
2. Walked out 3 days later, hit unlock button, entered car as normal, pushed start button, car started.
3. Drove maybe 20 feet across driveway, tire sensors that were reading correctly when I got it changed to XX, service soon message.
4. Parked car a little further away on driveway, messages still displayed. Push stop button, get "No Fob, run off", Selected off. Exited car.
5. Puzzled by the events and closed door.
6. Reopened door, window indexed, sat in driver seat, foot on brake, push start button, "No Fob", continued clicking in dash.
7. Placed Fob in glove box slot, same result.
8. Exited, closed doors, windows indexed.
9. Help arrived. Un hooked battery, let sit. No change other than now windows now go down only, still "No Fob" and doors open.
10. Install new battery. No changes
11. Changed FOB Batteries
12. Check big blue plugs under passenger dash to ensure securely set (in case one was kicked.) No change.
13. Look for frayed or obvious wire problems and burnt fuses. Nothing jumps out.

Leaning towards replacement of RCDLR. Thought about trying to reprogram fobs, but since the doors respond didn't think that route was appropriate. Worst part is, now it needs to go to shop and it is in PARK. Hopefully the pickup person knows how to get it out of park so it can roll onto the truck.

So what is the problem? Like I said I have learned a lot about the 2005 gremlins, and have seen posts very similar in nature but NO ONE has said "The problem was.....and was fixed by doing....."
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