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Nothing annoys me more than breaking down alongside a highway in the middle of nowhere. So in my right side storage compartment I have all kinds of tools and other roadside repair items too numerous to list them all.

As I was plugging my left rear tire a week ago I discovered the contents in my can of rubber vulcanizing cement had hardened but thankfully I had three little unopened tubes of cement. Then about 7 to 8 of my plugs tore in half when I tried to push them through the steel beads of my tire because they were about 40 years old. I finally got the leak plugged but I realized I needed some fresh material to work with so I bought two tire puncture patching kits from E-Bay.

Then to make things even easier I also bought a can of Fix-A-Flat from E-Bay. The Fix-A-Flat will plug holes up to 1/4" diameter (they claim) but tire shops will really scream at you when they break a tire down and find that sticky slop inside your tire because it'll get all over their machine. So you're now warned of the consequences of using it. The can will easily fill a flat car or SUV tire to 30 psi or more.

Most people live in cities so roadside help is readily available but for people like me who live out in the sticks help can be an hour or two away and that's why I stay prepared.
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