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I need some brake caliper education

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ok my worrying about the missing body mount the other day may have been a little premature ............ I ran into a few more things with the frame like when sand blasting the gas tank I found pin holes so I have to either make a aluminum tank or order a steel tank. Also the "Complete" poly bushing kit I ordered isn't really complete its missing a bunch so I have to order those bushings now to. I had also forgotten about the brake caliper (who needs brakes anyway :) )

Ok some parts on C3s interchange and some don't I needs some education on brake calipers. I have a 1980 frame and caliper mounts front and rear. I have found a set of used calipers form a 1969 on ebay will they fit mine? Also I see allot of the C4 aluminum calipers for sale could I use these on my c3 or will they not bolt up?

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brakes dids not change on C3 s but early models are probably not Stainless Steel Sleeved, and rust pitting was a real problem.. for the headaches you will encounter with used, I would rather get a reman caliper from Ecklers $89/wheel and lifetime warrenty.... or rebuild the ones you have yourself...kits are pretty cheap and not difficult to rebuild with a hone
problem with rebuilding mine are it didn't have any :) before i got this car it was striped of everything sellabe and I do mean everything.

I think I could get that other set of four for $100 counting shipping but those manufacturer ones are cheaper then the others I looked at that mite be the way to go thanks fish
oh I found the catch now I know why I was thinking they where more money , I have o pay a core charge since I don't have old caliper to mail back to them
oh, well I see your problem.. check them for rust pitting in the bores when you get them
If your going for a full set you might want to think about switching to the new o ring style instead of the old lip seal caliber; they are a few bucks more but have a better seal. And with new ones you don't need a core charge.
I thought about the new style (more for the aluminum casein) but now sure if they would fit or not.

At this point I'm starting to feel the budget tighten strong around my throat so I mite need to slow down on my project a little bit. New caliper with core changes is probably out for awhile but I probably could afford used now and just rebuild them myself.
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