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The 63-65 Rear Script and 66-67 Rear Script or emblem, along with virtually all other decorative trim and insignia on Mid-Year Corvettes, is made of chrome-plated pot metal. Over time, due to exposure to moisture and the elements, the chrome plating develops pits and pocks as the pot metal underneath the plating reacts to changes in moisture content and air-borne chemicals.

Don’t be tempted to overlook the “small” details when restoring your classic Corvette. A fresh paint job just doesn’t look right with emblems that have suffered from exposure. While replacing this script is a bit more involved then one would think at first blush, it’s easy enough to do with some simple tools and a couple of hours worth of labor.

Follow along with Zip’s technical article 1963-1967 Corvette Rear Deck Emblem Installation as we replace an original 1967 Corvette rear script that was riddled with pitting and general weather wear. Previously removed and remounted incorrectly by a former owner, the emblem produced an annoying rattle when the car was idling. Our tech article documents the replacement project, step-by-step, with photos included. It’s exactly the info you’ll need to get your own C2 Corvette rear script replaced and your Corvette looking great once again.

Planning more do-it-yourself projects? Visit Zip’s for technical articles and detailed how-to’s for all Corvette generations.

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